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Photographs of Douglas Harding

Alan Rowlands, Douglas, Steve Palmer, Graham Jones. 1996.Douglas, by Richard LangDouglas's (surprise) 90th birthday party, Nacton. Photo by Colin FoxDouglas and Catherine Le Taillé -- photo by Colin Fox
Douglas and Catherine Le Taillé -- photo by Colin FoxDouglas and Catherine at homeCatherine, Douglas, Colin FoxCatherine and Douglas in Japan
Douglas at home, designing a mapDouglas on the ferry - Photo by Colin FoxDouglas on the ferry --Photo by Colin FoxDouglas in Japan
Douglas Harding at home, Nacton.Douglas Harding in BolognaThe Pype family with Douglas -- photo by Colin Fox
Terence Grey (Wei Wu Wei), D. Harding, Rbt. Linnsen

If you have photos of Douglas that could be shown here, please send them to Richard

Douglas Harding's headstone

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